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IMG_0199Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is 婕婷. It’s pronounced as … never mind. Just call me Tina.

I’m from the most north west city in China, Urumqi. Also it’s the furthest city from the sea in the world. In fact I thought it’s the farthest place from anything. Which is probably why seeing the sea always has been my calling. I wanted to touch it with my finger, I wanted to see the world. So I made the move.

After spending 5 years in London, and traveling around in Europe, I moved to New York in 2014 to continue my little adventures.

I love good food, drinks, and anything sweet. I love traveling, exploring, design things, drawing stuffs, and dog sitting. I like to share my stories and experiences. Maybe, just maybe this can even help you along the way. Want to get in touch? Drop me a line!