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DIY Inspiration Board

I love my working space, a wide table next to this beautiful brown brick wall. The only down side is that it’s nearly impossible to stick anything onto the wall. I love collecting inspirational cards and papers to hang around. Luckily I have a bookshelf right next to the table which was very easy to transform into an Inspiration board. Here are all the tools I used:…

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Inspiring Quotes of the day

Do you also have this feeling of there is a million things you need to do. You are full of all sorts of big plans for the future but it’s so hard to grasp? I encounter this quote that beautifully answer to this: “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power…

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Inspiration links

Ultimate time tracking, how much time do you still have? How to make sense of everything, first 10 page sample. From Abby.   Hand made noise making wood box, made in Brookyn.   Love the drawing post card, the fox ones are my favorite:   Really loving the plants and animation illustration from Claudia Pearson.  

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