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DIY Inspiration Board

I love my working space, a wide table next to this beautiful brown brick wall. The only down side is that it’s nearly impossible to stick anything onto the wall. I love collecting inspirational cards and papers to hang around. Luckily I have a bookshelf right next to the table which was very easy to transform into an Inspiration board. Here are all the tools I used:…

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Chealse Market

A few weeks ago in a cold but sunny New York winter I was planing to visit the High Line again around Chelsea neighborhood. On the way to the High Line I was attracted by this colorful cow, and was drawn into this craft/design shop. I aways had a thing from handmade items, especially jewelry. Actually any types of art and creative work. Inside, it’s…

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My 2015 retrospective

Loving and hating NYC The year is the second year since I’ve been living in New York City. After the first year “honey moon” period, the buzz started to settle down and my perception towards the big apple became more objective. I started to realize the weather was not always sunny and delightful. This December it rained a lot. Raining…

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