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Shimenzi Petrogram

From the information board: “Shimenzi Petrogram of Kangjia is a reproduction worship rarely seen in China. It is found in 1983. It is expounded through relevant experts that the Petrograd has been remained by Sacae 3000 years ago and the rock engravings was finished in patriarchal society.”On the way out, two random bulls came out of no where and  started fighting…

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Day trip to Bath

Bath is a town two and half hour train trip from London. It’s know for it’s famous natural hot springs, Roman style baths and 18th century Georgian architecture. And one of my favorites: afternoon tea. It is a prefect destination for a day trip. Top things to see and do in Bath: The Roman Baths. Built centuries ago, these Roman…

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Beach trip to Porthcurno

Finally it’s time to get out of London! It was a fun trip to the most southern part of England, Porthcurno.It is a small village covering a small valley and beach on the south coast of Cornwall, England. We drove about 6 hours from the city. When we finally arrived to the beach, the water was so beautiful, the sand was soft and fine.…

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