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Chinatown in Brooklyn

I was so excited to discover there is another Chinatown in Brooklyn! It’s near Sunset Park and spreads along 8th avenue. It’s massive and full of restaurants, shops and services. From driving school to accountant, from legal service to real estate, anything you might need.



I came across this shop, reminds me so much of my good old times. There are many shops like this back in my home town. They sell lots of really cute and random stuff, like key chains that look and smell like bread. Or phone decorations that will light up when you receive calls.



All these are for cell phone decoration, that you can hang on your phone. It’s really popular in Asia, especially in Japan.



There is also a really western tea place in between two Chinese stores.


Two amazing food spot I have to call out. First is this food court. They have all sorts of Asian food from hot pot to BBQ, and Beijing duck. You can order a bunch of dishes from different places and sit down to enjoy them all. Because it’s self serving, the price is low compared to a restaurant.

Below is entrance of the East Harbor Seafood Palace (714 65th St). They have amazing authentic dim sum. It’s must well known locally too. When we got there, there was a massive line. It was Saturday morning, and we waited about 45 minutes before seated. That tells you something about the place.

And the waiting was totally worth it! The Dim Sum were delicious, and the price was relatively cheap. If you want you can also order a special tea to go along. I will definitely come back again!


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