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DIY Inspiration Board

I love my working space, a wide table next to this beautiful brown brick wall. The only down side is that it’s nearly impossible to stick anything onto the wall. I love collecting inspirational cards and papers to hang around. Luckily I have a bookshelf right next to the table which was very easy to transform into an Inspiration board.

Here are all the tools I used:

Cork board, I bought  this  from Amazon, it came with a few padded mounting tape.

Tape measure, to measure the shelf to decide which size cork board to get.

Pins, to put up cards, papers up to the board. I bough this one, simple and cute.

Here are the steps:

First: Measure the shelf area to decide which size cork board to buy. Quick tip, the mounting tap works better on smooth surface, the smoother the better.

Step Two: Clean the surface, so the tape sticks better.



Step Three: Stick the tapes on the back of the cork board. Make sure to evenly distribute the weight.



Done! Now it’s time to put up all the fun cards and inspiration paper pieces.


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