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Fort Greene Market

One of my favorite thing about my neighborhood is the Farmer’s market. It happens every Saturday, right next to Fort Green Park.

There are all sorts of fresh vegetables and fruits. Lots of good apples and apple juice. Delicous hand made bread and pies. Sometimes, there are some independent pottery bring their ceramic plates and jars.

Everyone seems in a good mood. Even their dogs, hanging out in the sun, sniff around, looking happy.

fort greene market



Compare to London, New York City needs lots improvement on their garbage recycle system. But this market is doing so well. I guess this is another reason why I love this place. They have a fabric recycle bin where you can bring unwanted cloth. They also have lots of compost bins for biodegradable garbage.



As Christmas getting close, people start selling Christmas tree and ornament. The small red balls look so pretty with those dark green pines.

What’s better than a trip to the farmer’s market in a crisp and sunny Saturday morning, and coming home with fresh bakery and full bag of fresh vegetables?



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