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My 2015 retrospective

Loving and hating NYC
The year is the second year since I’ve been living in New York City. After the first year “honey moon” period, the buzz started to settle down and my perception towards the big apple became more objective.

I started to realize the weather was not always sunny and delightful. This December it rained a lot. Raining days often brings up my memory of London. I miss the spotless tube and tidy streets, I miss the peaceful lake in Hyde Park. Other than that? Oh man … each day I love this city more. The dazzling energy, formed by so many talented people devoted, fearless chasing their dream. So many new product and services surround me, I am constantly delighted and inspired by them.

Helping dogs
Since I stared working in BarkBox, I slowly got into fostering dogs. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically taking care of pups temporarily and getting them ready before they find their forever home.

It’s one of the most rewarding but also most difficult thing I have been doing. Rewarding, because they bring you so much joy. They love you unconditionally. And when they found a forever family who loves them, it’s the best feeling. It’s also difficult to say goodbye to them, but it totally worth it. Ever time, I grow a bit stronger, and I know I have helped another pup in their most needed time. If you love dogs but can’t committed to a forever pup, I highly recommend you look into fostering a pup.


During the one year, I had 3 relatively long term foster pups Corky (top), Circles (below left ) and Whitley (below right) and a few shorter ones. I learned so much about dogs and what it means to be a dog “parent”. Taking Corky on the subway everyday to work even inspired me to start a side project called BarkBag. I will write more about this later.


2015 has been a great year working here. Our design team grew from a one man band (a.k.a. me) to a 7 people team. Woot! And everyone is awesome. I enjoy so much working with them everyday. There have been so many improvement of the product, features, fun projects. One of my proudest moment this year is the complete redesign the BarkBox website. From the home page to the sign up flow. Thanks to our talented team, now the site looks even more beautiful and pup friendly.

I am aways interested in learning different cultures and seeing the world. Travel brings me a new perspective to the world and a new perspective to my inter self.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is hard to see most of USA without driving. And sadly, because I never needed to drive growing up, till this day, I still don’t have a driving licence. Because of this, my travel destinations are limed, but I still managed to see a few places. Some place you have to be there to experience their stunning and breathtaking beauty, like Iceland. And some place you have to be there to know, you don’t belong there, like Las Vegas.

In time line order: Disney World, Orlando, Florida -> Reykjavik, Iceland -> Richmond, Virginia -> Woodstock, NY -> Las Vegas, Nevada -> Washington, D.C. -> Columbus, Ohio

Keep learning
I am terrified of writing in English, it’s not my first language, and in school, I am aways much better in speaking then writing. Well, the best way to eliminate fear is to face it. Not long ago, I started my blog, and started to practice writing in English. Once I started, it’s actually not that hard. Plus, now I have a reason to try more things, to explore more places. You know, for my blog. 😉

As part of improving English, I’ve also been reading Word Power Made Easy to grow my vocabulary. I even stared a side project called Visual Roots to help me remembering them. If you are interested, check the ongoing updates on my blog here.

It’s hard to touch every aspect of 2015, but I think these are my highlights over the year. Thank you for reading this! 2016 is here, let’s make it an amazing year!

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