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Shimenzi Petrogram

From the information board: “Shimenzi Petrogram of Kangjia is a reproduction worship rarely seen in China. It is found in 1983. It is expounded through relevant experts that the Petrograd has been remained by Sacae 3000 years ago and the rock engravings was finished in patriarchal society.”P1140312P1140307P1140311P1140316On the way out, two random bulls came out of no where and  started fighting in the middle of the road. To make it a even bigger drama, two houses came out and watching them fighting from not far away. Behind the two horses, two camels walking towards us in the crack. Why all the animals suddenly all gathered?! I will never know, just like I will never know about why people on the rock painting have antennas on their heads.P1140322

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