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Beach trip to Porthcurno

Finally it’s time to get out of London! It was a fun trip to the most southern part of England, Porthcurno.It is a small village covering a small valley and beach on the south coast of Cornwall, England. We drove about 6 hours from the city. When we finally arrived to the beach, the water was so beautiful, the sand was soft and fine. It felt like we were in somewhere completely different.

Some tips for visiting Porthcurno

Pack your cloths wisely.
Like many other places in UK, the weather can change quickly and you need to prepared. Bring some nice summer cloths, a jumper for chilly wind. Sun glasses, gears for the beach. Also pack an extra dry cloths to change after the beach.

Bed and breakfast.
There are many options you can choose from. We stayed with a couple from here. Our room was clean and spacious. There was a cute front garden, two garages for parking and a star observation room. In the morning they made fresh traditional English breakfast for us. It was delicious.

Creatures on the beach.
You might encounter jelly fish on the beach. Although they looks like candies. Don’t touch them with your hand. There are also little crabs under the rock, as long as you don’t bother them, they will mind their own business.

Take your car.
You can probably take a train there. But there is not much local transportation, and it’s so much flexible if you can drive around. Some times there are narrow and muddy roads, so a small car will do better.


IMG_3821IMG_3822IMG_3823The bed and breakfast place we stayed.



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